Jake Carnemark profile photo

Jakob Carnemark

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Doherty profile photo

Thomas Doherty

Chief Operating Officer

Ronald Kolber profile photo

Ronald Kolber

Executive Vice President of Sales

Mark Gibbens profile photo

Mark Gibbens

Chief Financial Officer

Ian Miles profile photo

Ian Miles

Director at Aligned Data Centers

Supply Chain, Construction

Supply Chain, Construction

Jack Koch profile photo

Jack Koch

Facility Director

Keith Dines profile photo

Keith Dines

Director of Development

Steve Del Toro profile photo

Steve Del Toro

Director of Construction & Real Estate

Elda Bruza profile photo

Elda Bruza

Operations Manager

Frank Scandariato profile photo

Frank Scandariato

Director of Design & Construction

Matt Plato profile photo

Matt Plato

Director of Comissioning & Quality

Lee Tafel profile photo

Lee Tafel, PE

Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer

Sean Sullivan profile photo

Sean Sullivan, PE

Senior Electrical Commissioning Engineer

Roy Feinzig profile photo

Roy Feinzig, PE, CCP, LEED AP

Director of Commissioning

Imran Malik profile photo

Imran Malik

Project Manager; Sr. Electrical



Paul Fox profile photo

Paul Fox

Director of Operations

Brandon Keesee profile photo

Brandon Keesee

Director of Facilities, Phoenix

Mark Kennaugh profile photo

Mark Kennaugh

Chief Engineer, Plano

Seth Thomas profile photo

Seth Thomas


Ted Martin profile photo

Ted Martin

Director of Facilities, Plano

Joe Vega profile photo

Joe Vega

Director of Security, Plano

Frank Burchi profile photo

Frank Burchi

Chief Engineer

Jack Edwards profile photo

Jack Edwards

Director of Services and Compliance

In The News

In The News

Aligned Data Centers Introduces The First Pay-For-Use Data Center
Consumption-based pricing model helps its clients cut colocation costs.
New York, New York (August 25, 2015) – Aligned Data Centers announced today that it will offer consumption-based pricing to enterprises, service providers and governments who require greater control of data center cost and faster time-to-market.
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Jakob Carnemark, CEO, featured in Leaders Magazine.
New York, New York (October 8, 2015) – Leaders Magazine interviews Jakob Carnemark, Aligned Energy CEO, for an exclusive look at Aligned Data Centers’ first pay-for-use data center.
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Why Your Data Center Must Evolve
New York, New York (October 12, 2015) – The modern data center has changed far beyond the standard physical server. Now, many organizations are working with advanced networking components, new cloud computing platforms, site-to-site replication requirements, and greater amounts of uptime requirements.
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Aligned Data Centers Continues Rapid Expansion
Attracts industry veterans to its growing roster of data center talent.
New York, New York (October 13, 2015) – Aligned Data Centers, a division of Aligned Energy, announced today the addition of several key senior-level industry veterans to support the company’s rapid growth and expansion.
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